The unfold

The story begins in 1941 when Sir Camilo Ferreira had the idea to run a shoe factory in spite of the WWII. Camilo wanted to make great shoes so much that he would ride his bicycle up the hill for several kilometers, every single day for more than 15 years to join his small team in the factory. For more than 45 years Centenário’s manufacturing was totally handmade.

Modern times

By 1984 Centenário expanded its infrastructure and upgraded to modern equipment and logistics, still making use of its expertises was able to export 50% of the production to the European market. In 2009 Centenário Goodyear Welted expertise becomes also part of our Golf Signature footwear and by 2013 was exporting 90% of its production to the European market.


“We are on our 3rd generation and there’s something that keeps us doing what we do. The art of shoemaking.
We build our generations on knowledge, technic and experience. Our work is love made visible!
We work everyday to be better, and even if only by little, bring more joy to people that own Centenário Shoes.”